ACTION EUROPE is the European leader in the field of designing and manufacturing electrical vial crimping tools for pharmaceutical packaging.

Founded in 2003 by Olivier Hoffarth, the company specializes in manufacturing scientific apparatus. As soon as it was created, a huge R&D programme was launched to develop the first controlled-torque electrical vial crimping tool, which is the subject of a patent.

Thanks to multiple skills, both in the fields of vialing and closure systems, chromatographic trace analysis techniques, and also in the fields of precision mechanics and electronics, ACTION EUROPE very soon expanded its team and its associated skills in order to offer ever more innovative and efficient machines.

In order to respond to regulatory requirements, a team of specialists also offers IQ/OQ qualification and training for the whole range of crimping/decapping and screw-capping tools.


Our crimping machines are wholly designed and assembled in France.


All our machines are powered directly from the domestic mains supply for greater accessibility.

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All our machines benefit from after-sales service for a period of 10 years, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of all our devices.

Our commitment is recognized and appreciated

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